Advancing resilient local development in the Himalayas

Project background

Vulnerable communities in remote mountain areas of Nepal are being socially and economically impacted by disasters and the effect of climate change. This vulnerability is further increased by the poor technical capacity and understanding on DRR and CCA policy and provisions by the newly elected local government (Rural Municipalities (RM)) and the weak presence of the local CSOs at this new level of local government. This means local government institutions are not sufficiently accountable to the communities they serve.

Project aims

This project aims to support local community to adopt resilient approaches for agriculture, to reinforce CSO advocacy capacity and to improved local government preparedness/ DRR capacity.

Project action

This project will develop local capacity to deal with risks and climate change started in previous projects. The action will work to improve the resilience of the local communities to shocks in the longer term. In this regard, the project will support local communities to improve DRR capacity and adopt climate resilient agriculture technologies.  CSOs alliances will be reinforced at local level so that they can effectively advocate on resilient development. Finally, local government will be technically supported to institutionalize DRR in their systems so that they are better prepared to respond to future disasters.

Project details

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Project status

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