Privacy Policy

Effective 14/12/2022

Mission East operates and as well as matching social media pages on sites such as Facebook and YouTube. This page sets out what data we collect when you visit our website and what we do with it. Mission East use the data we get from our supporters and visitors to better understand who they are and to help us communicate our work and campaigns in an efficient and effective way. We do not sell this information to third parties and we only ever pass small subsets of this data to partners who would be directly doing work for us e.g. passing a mailing list to a printing company for a mailing

Information collection and use


If you visit our site then your IP address will be collected by our webservers, Google and Facebook. We cannot personally identify you from this and we only use it in bulk form, e.g. to see which countries our visitors come from. We can use it to ask that ads and stories get shown to people most likely to be interested in us. We do not pass this information on to anyone else

If you sign up for our newsletter

In this case we will collect your email address and name. We will send out stories about our work and from time to time requests for specific campaigns. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email that you can use to no longer receive these mailings.

If you send us a donation

If you send a donation then we will record you as a supporter in our systems.  You can easily ask to be removed and control what we send to you.

How we store your data and protect it

If you make a credit card donation then your card details are only seen by our credit card processor and never by us. We only receive the donation itself along with details about the transaction and the donor. The rest of the information is held by the processor alone

If you make a bank transfer then we only receive details of the donation, the donor and the bank account that it came from. This information is restricted to our finance department who have access to the bank account and the team responsible for managing contacts with our supporters e.g. sending thank you letters

If you make a regular donation using the Betalingsystem then the data for your donation is stored in a specific electronic system with access restricted to only those people who manage regular payments. This involves additional layers of security.

From time to time we may pass some of this data to third parties to do specific work for us e.g. mailings or telemarketing. In each case we will take care to transmit that information securely, to restrict the set of information to only that information that is needed for the task requested and always only with companies that we trust and with specific contracts in place.

If you fill any information in on our website then normally that information is only available to you and us. In any case we will periodically clear that information off our webserver to reduce the risk of data loss.

Cookies and tracking

Our website uses various third-party tracking methods to enable us to see how people use our site, how they get there and what they do once there. Blocking this tracking should not normally affect your use of the site. You can find information on the specific cookies that are stored on your computer here

Currently we partner with both Facebook and Google for tracking on our site and MailChimp for tracking emails. These companies may use cookies, web beacons and other technologies to collect this information from our website and other places on the internet and use this information to provide measurement services and target ads. You can opt out of the ad tracking either by either by using an ad blocker such as AdBlock or Ghostery or via a service such as Just go to that site, select Facebook and Google and select ‘Opt Out’ to remove tracking on the browser that you are using.

Additionally, information is sent to Google Analytics, Google Adwords , Facebook and MailChimp as your browse around our site or as you click on emails. If you don’t want this then the only way to block it is use an ad blocker such as AdBlock or Ghostery or to leave our site. Google Analytics and Facebook are tracked on every page or our site. Google AdWords will only track on donation pages. Blocking these will not affect your use of our site and only use them to ensure we use our resources in the most effective way.

Changes to this policy

From time to time we may need to revise this policy and date of the version of the policy is shown at the top. We recommend that you revisit the policy from time to time to make sure you are in agreement. The cookie consent pop-up is set to appear every 100 days to give you chance to review your consent.