Peace, justice and strong institutions

Peace, justice and strong institutions

What this goal is about?

End abuse/ exploitation/ trafficking/ violence against children; ensure responsive/ inclusive/ participatory/ representative decisions-making; and promote non-discriminatory laws/ policies. 

How does ME’s work help achieve this goal? 

Mission East's priority of working with and through civil society actors whenever possible, and particularly civil society actors who represent the needs and rights of vulnerable and excluded groups has the aim of achieving responsive, inclusive, participatory, representative decision-making (target 16.7). Together with these groups we advocate for non-discriminatory laws and policies (target 16.b). Additionally, Mission East's child protection activities in Iraq respond to target 16.2, to protect children from violence, abuse and exploitation during conflict in Iraq and their vulnerable situation while displaced. 

Relevant ME countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, Armenia, Tajikistan, Syria, Lebanon