Mission East: Vulnerable North Koreans in need of help

Mission East has assessed the need for food aid in the province of Kangwon in North Korea. 

The needs assessment took place during a visit to North Korea earlier this month. 
Read more about Mission East's visit to North Korea here. 

The assessment team from Mission East found that in Kangwon pronvince there are geographical pockets of food insecurity where malnutrition is worsening. These are in counties which have significant urban populations with no land access to grow their own food, and who rely largely on food provided through the North Korean public distribution system. 
Food supplied by the public distribution system has been reduced to less than half of normal levels in May and June as the country food stock runs short.
Mission East will seek funding to provide short-term food assistance to pregnant and lactating women, children, and elderly people in these areas. Special attention will be paid to feeding in orphanages where the nutritional status of the children was particularly poor. 

During the visit Mission East assessed the need for food aid in the provinces of North Pyongan and Kangwon. Mission East also monitored the distribution of rice to nursery schools and kindergartens in North Pyongan. Right now 52.5 tonnes of food aid from Mission East are being distributed in North Korea.