No poverty

No poverty

What this goal is about?

Eradicate extreme poverty; reduce the number of people living in poverty; ensure all groups have equal rights to economic resources and access to services; build the resilience of the poor and reduce vulnerability to disaster; and promote pro-poor policies. 

How does ME’s work help achieve this goal? 

Mission East programmes focus on assistance to people in poverty.  Whether trapped in chronic poverty in remote mountains of Nepal, or recently reduced to a situation of poverty having lost assets and livelihoods to conflict in Iraq, Mission East aims to give relief to those in need, and  in early recovery and development phases, to help people to help themselves.   

Mission East livelihood interventions are concrete examples of actions designed to support achievement of target 1.1 (eradicating extreme poverty), our inclusive approach promotes vulnerable and marginalised groups having access to economic resources and basic services (target 1.4), and Mission East’s work on disaster risk reduction contributes to target 1.5 (reducing vulnerability to climate-related extreme events and disasters). 

Relevant ME countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, Tajikistan, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea