By Svend Løbner 5 Feb 2023 |

Mission East in nationwide tv-collection

When the large-scale TV fundraiser is broadcast on Danish television on Saturday, February 4, Mission East will receive some of the funds to feed malnourished children in Nigeria.

Every year, the National Danish Television, DR, joins forces with Danish NGOs to collect for development aid for the world's hotspots. On February 4, 2023, the major TV fundraiser focuses on the world's vulnerable children. Mission East will receive a share of the collected funds to help children in Nigeria, who are caught in a year-long conflict between terrorist groups and government forces.

War, conflict and disaster affect children in particular. In northeastern Nigeria, 4.9 million children are currently in a humanitarian crisis because their families have to flee their homes, fields and livestock due to terrorist attacks by ISIS and Boko Haram. 1.7 million children under the age of five are currently acutely malnourished.

Mission East has a long tradition of channeling the Danes' generous donations through the tv-collection towards the organisation's targeted projects in Nepal, Iraq, Syria and now Nigeria. The current project will teach IDP families nutrition and vegetable growing, establish vegetable gardens and initiate income-generating activities so they can feed their children.

Mission East is an international aid organization founded in Denmark. The organization helps vulnerable people and local communities in Afghanistan, Armenia, Iraq, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, North Korea, Syria, Tajikistan and Ukraine. Mission Øst is certified according to the prestigious Core Humanitarian Standard.