Mavriya can provide for herself

Mavriya was a child with a disability, so all the odds were against her. But then she started attending Mission East’s rehabilitation centre, and today the young Tajik woman is running her own small business.

By Hilola Ashurova, Mission East Tajikistan & Kim Wiesener, Communication Manager – June 2018

Twenty years of peace in Central Asia’s forgotten country

When Mission East started distributing food to thousands of people in Tajikistan, the country was still ravaged by civil war. Later, the population got help to feed itself. And now, 20 years later, Mission East is working on projects involving water, sanitation and hygiene, assistance to persons with disabilities and the defense of girls’ and women’s rights.

By Svend Løbner, journalist, September 2017

When lightning strikes

Read how people in the Tajik village of Veshist cope with the floods that strike them every year.

By Line Højland, Communcations Officer, July 3 2017 

The sun was shining. There were rainclouds on the horizon, but they were far away, above the mountains. The families in Veshist did not sense any danger in leading their animals down to the bank of the Zerafshan River to graze, as was their custom.

But then lightning struck.

Hidden children emerge from the shadows

‘Defective humans’ – this is how people with disabilities were perceived in the Soviet Union. This attitude still exists in Tajikistan, the poorest of the former Soviet republics, but Mission East is working to change it.

By Line Højland and Kim Wiesener, Communications Officers

”Children with disabilities have various talents”

School no 53 in the village of Marghedar appreciated having a play corner where children with disabilities can learn numbers, letters and IT at their own speed. The lessons enable more children to go to school and become part of the local community.

By Line Højland, Communications Officer

Tajikistan 1997: Central Asia’s ’forgotten’ country

Mission East has worked in Tajikistan, the poorest of the former Soviet republics, since 1997. In the early days, the organisation distributed food aid to tens of thousands of vulnerable locals. Later, the focus shifted to long term development projects.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

Earthquake in Tajikistan – Mission East assesses the situation

A powerful earthquake hit Monday the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan. The Danish aid organisation Mission East who works with the local population on disaster risk reduction and to build water systems in isolated villages of the region, is monitoring the situation closely.

Monday 12:50 local time, a strong earthquake struck the central Asian republic of Tajikistan. The quake measured 7.2 on the Richter scale and had its epicenter in a remote mountain area. The tremors could clearly be felt in the country's capital Dushanbe and as far away as Delhi in India.

Playground for children with disabilities

One of Tajikistan's first playgrounds with focus on accessibility for children with disability is now finished, next to Mission East’s center for these children.
The playground, which is sponsored by the British Embassy in Tajikistan, will provide new social opportunities for approximately 200 children every month, when they visit Mission East’s center in Penjakent.

Ruzimoh got her chance to flourish

Despite her disability, Ruzimoh is a very fast learner. Her parents realized that when a children’s corner was established in their village.
When Ruzimoh was born, her mother quickly discovered that she was not like other children, since Ruzimoh didn’t respond when her mother spoke to her. When Ruzimoh grew up, she could not speak, and her mother tried to hide her from the neighbours in the village in the province of Panjakent.

History of Mission East in Tajikistan

From emergency food aid to long-term development. In the autumn 2007 Mission East had been in Tajikistan for ten years. 

September 2007
"When we got off the plane our luggage was already on the runway. The plane closed the doors behind us and took off right away without any new passengers. There was no passport control. No customs officers."

Mission East forms strategic partnership with Focus Humanitarian Assistancee

Mission East and Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding forming a strategic partnership in disaster risk reduction activities in Tajikistan. The partnership will expand Mission East’s network considerably in Tajikistan and internationally.
Under the agreement, both agencies will improve their activities within their respective regions of operations (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) for FOCUS, and Khathlon and Sughd provinces for Mission East).

Disaster risk reduction in Tajikistan

On 6th April 2006 Mission East signed an important contract with European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) for a new project in Tajikistan. The project involves disaster risk reduction in Tajikistan and is being carried out in partnership with the organisation Shelter For Life. It extends Mission East’s current disaster risk reduction activities (flood prevention and early warning systems) into the area of earthquake preparedness.