'I want to help people together with them'

Randhir Singh is Mission East's new Country Director in Tajikistan. He is passionate about giving the poor a chance for a better life because he himself grew up in a society with underprivileged neighborhoods. 
22 Jul 2022 | Mission East

Line loves to communicate and streamline

Line Lauritzen is Fundraising and Database Officer and thus a link between the people who support Mission East and the people that Mission East supports.
25 Mar 2022 | Mission East

Nayre checks that the money arrives

Nayre Stefanian er nyansat bogholder i Mission Øst. Hun har irakiske rødder i en armensk familie og glæder sig over at kunne hjælpe nødlidende i Armenien, Irak og andre lande, som har brug for hjælp.

Program manager: ‘There is always possibility for development’

Koen Louter has just visited Tajikistan and saw first-hand Mission East's EU-funded projects for children with disabilities. A visit to a single mother with three children with brain damage made an indelible impression. A mobile rehabilitation team is now helping the family with insight and tools for rehabilitation.

Ukrainian refugees are recovering in the Mission East-supported center

Ukrainians flee shelling and are received by Hungarian volunteers who work 20 hours a day to provide them with food, medicine and a place to rest. Betina Gollander-Jensen reports from a Mission East-supported center where the volunteers’ mood is high.

Mission East Managing Director Betina Gollander-Jensen is now at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, where refugees are being given food, health checks and a place to sleep in a school that has been transformed into a refugee center.

‘People with disabilities should be treated with respect’

Lalkaura was bullied because of her disability. But a self-help group gave her the knowledge and courage to protest and teach about human rights in the village. "All people have dignity," she says.

Discrimination is common in traditional societies such as the Nepalese. Women are often referred to hard housework. And people with disabilities are often bullied.

Jadeni became a leader and entrepreneur

Jadeni was oppressed because of gender, caste, and poor living conditions. Today, she leads one of Mission East's women's groups and runs a chicken farming business in north-western Nepal.

Sana fights for women's rights in Iraq

Sana Basim is Mission East's Head of Programmes in Iraq. She is happy working for a flexible organization that helps women - irrespective of their religious affiliations and ethnic identities - to survive abuse and support themselves and their children.

Yazidi paintings show women's struggle for dignity

- It touches me deeply that the Yazidi women say stop the abuse. And that they have found dignity. This is what visual artist Karsten Auerbach says after seeing paintings by Yazidis during trauma treatment in Iraq.

Bees help family survive economic collapse in Afghanistan

"When Rustaq fell into the hands of the Taliban, the bees became my only means of supporting my family," said Zaidulkhair, who had received training and equipment for beekeeping from Mission East.

I read an amazing story from our work in Afghanistan today. A story that shows how important it is to provide people with a livelihood by teaching them to grow crops and keep livestock - or that which the wonderful news today is about: beekeeping.

Afghan father: 'My wife is ill; now I can take her to the hospital'

Mission East provides cash assistance to thousands of vulnerable people in Afghanistan. One of the recipients is Anwar, who has lost a leg and has eight children to support.

In the midst of political uncertainty and changing Corona variants, Mission East is working hard to bring aid to the most vulnerable in Afghanistan.

"Can you really enjoy such a varied diet?"

Mission East teaches the Mara people in Myanmar to grow varied crops and prepare nutritious food. The activities create hope and shines a small light in a land overwhelmed by darkness.

You are what you eat. The well-known pun is also applicable in Myanmar. For here the Mara people in the Chin state eat mainly rice and are often unaware of the many nutrient-rich crops that can be grown or picked in the forest.

Mission East is part of national tv-collection

Funds from the large-scale Danish Collection on January 29 will go to displaced and Corona-affected children in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

Help the children of the Corona crisis. This is the theme for this year's Danmarks Indsamling (Danish Collection), which culminates in a major TV show on the national television DR1 on Saturday evening, 29 January 2022.

6 Jan 2022 | Mission East

Compassion is at the core of new strategy

Mission East has adopted a strategy towards 2030. Six strategic goals optimize and target efforts to meet the needs of vulnerable people in connection with the Corona pandemic, climate crisis and local development.