Networks and donors

Mission East engages with both institutional and private donors. It would not be possible for us to carry out our work without the vital financial support of private individuals, churches, Y’s Men groups, foundations, companies, and institutional public donors.

Another vital collaboration is our membership of numerous networks and alliances. We work together - and share knowledge - with other organisations in Denmark and internationally. This ensures quality, efficiency, safety and ethical standards in our work for those we assist, and for those who support our work.



Balderus Stoleflet supports our efforts to help people in crisis and extreme poverty.

Read more about Balderus Stoleflet here>>

We like to support an organisation that gets it right and reaches as many people as possible. That's Mission East. You reach a lot of people for relatively little money. The fact that you are so professional and reach so many is certainly why we support you.

Bent Jerslund, director Decorativa ApS.

  • ABANart
  • AHN Holding ApS
  • Bedemand Jimmy Rasmussen
  • Bønnerup Fisk I/S
  • City Guld
  • Gade Data
  • HEG Consult ApS
  • Jensen Skinker ApS
  • JT3 Klima A/S
  • KI Import A/S
  • Leif Jørgensen Holding ApS
  • Lüthje Trading
  • Ole Christensen Holding ApS
  • RengøringsCompagniet A/S (AEC-fonden)
  • Ringgren Consult Aps
  • Unitas Rejser A/S
  • Vækstcenteret
  • Wich Udvikling ApS
  • WhiteAway 

Alliances and networks

Integral Alliance

Integral Alliance is a global alliance of Christian relief and development agencies working together to prevent and respond to disasters. The members also work together on long-term development projects. Mission East has been a member since 2005.


EU-CORD (Christian Organisations in Relief and Development) is a network of European Christian relief and development organisations. The purpose is to contribute to a world without poverty and exclusion through knowledge sharing and cooperation among the members.   

CHS Alliance

CHS Alliance (Core Humanitarian Standard Alliance) works to strengthen the quality of relief and development work. Mission East has been a member since the alliance was founded in 2015, and in 2017 we were awarded the certificate of compliance with the CHS.


VOICE (Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies) is an association of humanitarian organisations working in countries affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts and emergency situations. The network promotes cooperation between its members and EU institutions.


ISOBRO is an umbrella organisation of charities engaged in private fundraising in Denmark. The organisation works to ensure the best possible conditions for collecting private funds and ensures accountability and professionalism in the work of its members. Mission East has been member since 2005.

Globalt Fokus

Global Focus is a Danish membership body for non-profit organisations engaged in international development, environment and humanitarian activities. Mission East has been a member since Global Focus was founded in 2014. Before 2014 we were member of its predecessor NGO Forum.


DMCDD (Danish Mission Council Development Department) is an umbrella organisation for Danish churches and church-based organisations. It supports the member organisations and their partners in development work. Mission East has been a member since 2001.


CISU (Civil Society in Development) is an association of Danish civil society organisations. CISU supports its members’ work through courses and counselling, representation towards decision-makers, and funding of projects with financing from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mission East has been a member since 2007.


DISN (Danish Interagency Safety Network) is an independent network equipping Danish civil society organisations to cooperate on making strong security policies for working in volatile contexts.

World’s Best News

World’s Best News is an independent news organisation producing constructive journalism about development issues. World’s Best News is an association of actors from different areas: the UN, the Danish development organisations and the Danish private sector.


EISF (European Interagency Security Forum) is a network of European humanitarian organisations working together to improve security and safety in their work and among staff to ensure sustainable access to assist people in need.  


CONCORD (European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development) is an association of European relief and development organisations. It works to strengthen the work of its members in relation to EU institutions and to promote European policies that works to ensure a world free of poverty and exploitation.


IDDC (International Disability and Development Consortium) is a consortium of disability organisations and development organisations working to promote inclusive development work and rights of persons with disabilities in low and middle income countries.


Mission Øst udfører et stort arbejde til lave administrationsomkostninger, som gør at flest mulige midler går direkte til de projekter, de arbejder for. Det er noget fondens bestyrelse forholder sig til, når der bliver udbetalt midler fra Bygma Fonden.

Peter H. Christiansen, Bygma Gruppens koncerndirektør og ejer.