Women are empowered in Karnali, Nepal

In the remote districts of Karnali, women have important roles and functions in their community. They have responsibilities and heavy workload, but they have little voice to decide for  their own future and the future development of  their village.
Usually, boys have priority to  access school, and literacy rate for women is  much lower than for men. Population often believes that women are weak, not so clever and should only focus on home duties. As consequences, women are among the most vulnerable groups living in Karnali.
The World Development Report 2012 from the World Bank argues that gender equality is a key component for better development. Mission East, together with its partners KIRDARC and WWS, realized that, to be able to raise their voice, women of Karnali need to have a chance to become literate, need to understand their rights and the process of local development.

To address such issues, and with the financial support of the Danish Project Advisory Technical Center (PATC), Mission East, KIRDARC and WWS have developed the project “I have a Voice: women advocating for development in Nepal”, for the districts of Humla and Mugu.
With a view to address all forms of social exclusion, the project will include all of the most vulnerable and marginalized women: Dalit women, women with disabilities and their family members, illiterate women, single women, etc.
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