Nepal: breaking the silence

Humla and Mugu are two of the most remote and impoverished districts in Nepal. Humla is only accessible by air and Mugu by just a seasonal road connection. The isolated geography coupled with poverty, low education, poor health, and deep-rooted harmful socio-cultural practices have narrowed opportunities especially for women to lift themselves out of poverty.

To address it, Mission East with the funding from CISU and with its implementing partners KIRDARC and WWS, have engaged into a long-term action to empower women, and make their voices heard by their communities, political leaders, and male counterpart, in order to bring changes in their life and reduce all the obstacles and barriers towards a dignified and healthy life.

This video is a glimpse into their living condition and opportunities they have for empowerment. It is a step toward breaking the silence of their unacceptable conditions.