Mission East provides relief for thousands of Nepalese suffering from flooding

Landslides and floods in Nepal have made thousands of families homeless. Massive bodies of water have washed away food and kitchen utensils. Through a local partner, Mission East now provides families with shelter materials, kitchen utensils and access to clean water.

August 25th 2017 

While Nepal is still struggling to recover from two powerful earthquakes in 2015, the country is yet again affected by a severe natural disaster. Over 80,000 families have lost their homes in floods and landslides after heavy rainfall hit the country on August 11th.

According to the authorities, 143 people have been killed, 43 injured, and 30 are still missing. The Red Cross estimates that over 300,000 people are affected by the disaster and that 44,700 families are displaced.

Mission East is present in the country and will together with a local partner provide materials for shelter, kitchen utensils, and clean water for the most vulnerable families in three of the affected districts: Sunsari, Murang and Saptari.

“Many people are without home and had to flee because of the flood. Now they don't have a place to sleep and no food. We are glad that our local partner has access the affected areas, so that they can help the affected families,” said Mission East's country director in Nepal, James Samuel.

As flooding and landslides contaminate water and increase the risk of infection and disease, it is essential to distribute water purifiers. At the same time, soap, detergent powder, jerrycans, pots and pans are required for the survival and health of families. Mission East and its partner prioritise these necessities in the provision of relief to the many families. In order to provide people with a safe place to sleep, they are also distributing tarpaulins, ropes, wood, rooftiles and tools.  

Mission East has been working in Nepal since 1997 and has in the last five years helped 15,000 disaster-affected people with food aid, water supply, latrines and livelihood security. The organisation responded quickly after floods and landslides in 2013, and after two severe earthquakes hit the country in 2015.

Mission East responds to the present disaster together with its local partner Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO), who are representing the Dalits – a group of people living as outcasts in Nepalese society. Mission East is fundraising for urgent relief aid, and even small donations can make a big and decisive difference for the affected families.

For 28 EUR a family of five is able to receive kitchen utensils for cooking and a hygiene kit to protect themselves from diseases. For 33 EUR the family can have tarpaulins, ropes and tools, providing them with a safe place to sleep. And for 61 EUR, the family gets all of the above so they have shelter, can cook and protect themselves from diseases. 


When you are supporting this campaign, your donation goes to Mission East’s Disaster Fund. Donations for the Disaster Fund are used to provide assistance in current disasters in Mission East’s operating countries. At the moment, the funds are used in flood-stricken Nepal and war-torn Iraq.