By Svend Løbner 2 Jul 2021 |

Mission East provides protective equipment to 50 clinics in Nepal

Nepalese hospitals cannot manage to treat all Covid-19 infected people due to lack of equipment. Mission East supplies sanitizers, masks and other protective equipment to hospitals in the country's poorest region.

Nepal is currently battling the second wave of the Corona Pandemic, a wave that is the worst the country has seen since Covid-19 spread to the country in March 2021. The country has overtaken India in the number of infected and Corona-related deaths per capita.

The total number of confirmed cases of infection is now more than 628,000 with around 9,000 deaths.

Patients are sent home without treatment

Many hospitals cannot take more Covid-19 patients due to lack of hospital beds, oxygen supply and completely basic protective equipment. Patients are sent home without the possibility of treatment.

The worst situation is in the poor Karnali province, where half the population lives below the poverty line, and returned migrant workers spread the virus among their families. The area's hospitals lack equipment and facilities to isolate Covid-19 patients.

Therefore, Mission East in Nepal now supplies 50 of the area's clinics with test equipment, oxygen concentrator, disinfection equipment, insulation tents, thermometers, masks, face shields, gloves and other basic equipment. All in close collaboration with local partner organizations.

11,800 families need help now

The rising number of infections is causing the government to shut down the country completely. The consequence is that people lose their jobs and thus an income to be able to support their families. There is also not much to buy, as production and distribution of agricultural products are also declining.

Mission East provides emergency assistance in the form of food to 200 of the most vulnerable families in Palanta and Sarkegad rural municipality and prepares for the distribution of hygiene and protective equipment to 5,200 families in the near future, says Mission East's Country Director  in Nepal Ujjwal Amatya.

But the needs are far greater. According to Mission East in Nepal, 11,800 families are in need of help now. It requires more money, but also good cooperation with authorities and local organizations. Mission East has already held a number of meetings with local partner organizations, local government, provincial government, social councils and other stakeholders to coordinate the action.