By Svend Løbner 11 Jan 2021 |

Mission East is part of a Danish TV-collection

Nepal's Corona-affected children will receive help from a large-scale TV fundraiser on February 6.

When a national collection runs across the screen on national Danish television on February 6, 2021, some of the funds will help Nepal's Corona-affected children and their families through Mission East.

This is done through a project for the benefit of 2,750 children and their families, as well as teachers and leaders in 10 schools. The project will provide families with food and help the children regain lost school knowledge due to the Corona pandemic.

The pandemic has major consequences for the schooling of particularly vulnerable children and their nutrition in the outermost regions of Nepal.

The children are often kept at home from school to work in the fields, and quickly fall behind in their learning. In addition, the money is small for the families. Access to food is limited when society shuts down and companies go bankrupt, causing children's parents to lose their jobs.

The situation is now so serious that schools and authorities need outside help to take on the task of reaching out and supporting the vulnerable families.

With funds from “Danmarks Indsamlingen” on Danish television, Mission East’s local partners will teach families about alternative earning opportunities. In addition, teachers and school management are being given new tools on how to streamline teaching for children with high school absence due to Corona. At the same time, the health facilities get an extra boost.

The project is particularly aimed at 250 vulnerable children and families in Palata Municipality in the mountainous Kalikot district, where more than half of the inhabitants live below the poverty line and are facing an acute food crisis due to the closure.