Mission East opens new office in Nepal

Being close to the people we help is part of the vision of Mission East. Our newly-opened office in Nepal will help us taking care of our assistance to the extremely poor population in the mountainous north of the country.

Alessandra Radaelli our new Country Representative says:
"Karnali, the area where we implement our projects, is among the poorest and least developed regions of Nepal. People live in very harsh conditions: they don’t manage guarantee food for their families around the whole year, and the land they can cultivate is very limited because of lack of irrigation. The water they use has to be carried from a long distance and is not safe for drinking."

Alessandra Radaelli hopes that her presence in the country can contribute to securing better living standards long-term.
"Mission East and our local partner, KIRDARC, will work with the communities to help them build small irrigation and safe drinking water systems. At the same time we will train farmers to adopt more efficient agricultural techniques and we will promote hygiene practices among women, children and men to avoid many of the easily preventable diseases they are currently affected by."

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April 2008