Health camp will save lives among 8,000 of Nepal's poorest

Imagine sharing a doctor with 40,000 other people. And imagine having to walk several days on narrow paths across mountains and unsafe bridges to reach him.

To many women, children, and men in one of the poorest areas in Nepal, Humla, this is one of the hard facts they have to face every day.

Therefore, Mission East is planning a health camp that will teach the population to take better care of itself when the doctor is several mountains away. And the help is much needed.

An assessment team from Mission East has recently experienced how the people in Humla suffer. Children as well as adults are starving – approximately 50 percent of all children in the Soru belt suffer from malnutrition. Unclean water makes them ill. Indoor cooking using open fire causes smoke-related diseases. And too many women experience difficulties in relation to their pregnancy.

The problems can be solved. These are all diseases that can be prevented or treated. But the population does not know how and so far nobody has told them.

The health camp will benefit as many as 8,000 people.

But teaching health and hygiene is not enough if the people can’t practise it afterwards. Mission East wants to start new projects in the poor district of Humla and provide the population with for example clean drinking water.

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