Food aid on its way to flood victims in Nepal

In India and Nepal, severe flooding has already cost more than a hundred lives, and more people have been reported missing. In Nepal, Mission East is in the process of getting food aid to the victims in the remote mountainous region of Karnali.

In recent day, excessive monsoon rains have caused major flooding and landslides in northern India and western Nepal. Amongst other areas, the flooding has hit the region of Karnali in northwestern Nepal where people live in isolated and inaccessible areas.

"We fear that the death toll will rise, because it is extremely difficult to reach people in these mountainous areas. Our expectation is that the damage is much greater than what we have heard until now, because neither the police nor the military have yet been able to reach the area. Under normal circumstances it is difficult to get out to these areas, but now it's almost impossible, "says Managing Director of Mission East, Kim Hartzner.
In addition to causing casualties, the monsoon rain has also washed away many houses and fields. The people of Karnali are vulnerable and were already struggling to feed themselves, so the monsoon has been disastrous for many families. Many Nepalis have fled, and there is a great need for help at this time, and later also for reconstruction.
Mission East is just now starting to provide food aid to the many people in Karnali who have lost everything.
"Right now, quick and efficient help is crucial. When people have lost everything, they need food, clean water and shelter, because the risks of epidemics are great, "explains Kim Hartzner, who says that Mission East is following the situation closely.
Since 2007, Mission East and its partners have worked in Karnali with programs ensuring the provision of clean water and sanitation, improving food security and more lately, aiming at a green, sustainable development where people are taught to grow and sell local produce, and thus creating an income. Please read more on
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21. June 2013