Kvinde modtager sække med mel og andre fødevarer.
By Svend Løbner 24 Nov 2022 |

Disaster-affected Nepalese receive help from Mission East

Massive monsoon rains caused the soil to loosen and topple over houses in Nepal's mountains. Now 1,500 homeless people receive food and other basic emergency aid.

10 days of torrential monsoon rain in October sent water, mud and soil down on houses and properties in one of Nepal's poorest mountain areas, killing 36 people and leaving several thousand homeless.

Mission East immediately sent money to Nepal so that our office and partners could distribute emergency aid to survivors in the Humla and Kalikot districts.

Over 200 of the worst affected families receive help, a total of 1,500 people. The aid consists of food and temporary shelter, as well as clothes, kitchen utensils, psychological first aid and cash assistance.

The money comes, among other things, from so-called flexible funds, which are made available by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide emergency relief in sudden disasters.

- We are grateful to be able to react so quickly to disasters. Thanks to Danida and our good private supporters, we got help up and running, says Mission East's Managing Director Betina Gollander-Jensen.

Since 2007, Mission East has worked in the poor Karnali region, where the Humla and Kalikot districts are located. A widely branched network and good working relationships with authorities and local organizations ensure that help arrives quickly.