By Svend Løbner 8 Aug 2023 | Mission East

Pierre will unlock resources through good relationships

Pierre Vernet is the new HR Director at Mission East with ultimate responsibility for more than 200 employees.

- Our projects only have a lasting impact when our employees build capacity and foster trust in the communities we serve. That's why it's crucial to promote well-being among employees and unleash their potential.

So says Pierre Vernet, who from August 2023 became the Human Resource Director at Mission East. He will lead the HR managers responsible of more than 200 employees across the multiple countries where the Danish aid organisation operates.

65-year-old Pierre Vernet brings solid experience from personnel management and organisational development in ActionAid. Prior to that, he was an HR consultant and even before that a project manager at the French telecoms company Orange. He is originally French and came to Denmark almost 25 years ago.

Where the world burns the most

As a multiculturalist, international relations have always been an interest of his:

- I find it truly exciting to engage in development work in the parts of the world facing the most challenges, supporting employees who are striving to improve people's lives. It resonates deeply with me, he states and adds:

- I believe in relationships between people and that they create a sense that no one is alone in the world. It is also trusting relationships that are prerequisites for the structural changes that are needed where there is a need for change.

For employees to do their jobs well, they need to thrive. And to thrive, they need good managers and good working conditions, he says in his HR philosophy.

Relationships create security and development

Employee wellbeing will spread like ripples in the communities where they work, he believes:

- You can send resources in the form of food and protection, but the way you relate to the communities is crucial to understanding their needs. It's also crucial for the work we do to stand on its own afterwards. We can't be there all the time. In this way, it's the relationship between people that creates the security for people to develop and achieve their goals.

HR Director and handyman

Pierre Vernet has two grown-up children and lives in Ordrup, north of Copenhagen. In his spare time, he loves to spend time in nature and enjoys sitting at home playing guitar or practising the piano - unless one of his close acquaintances asks for help with something. Pierre is also a handyman.

He divides his professional life into four periods: First he was a street pedagogue. Then he moved into showbiz as a band and tour manager. Then an independent organisation and development consultant. Then employed in various HR roles and development tasks in private companies and finally in ActionAid.

And now HR Director in Mission East's international work.

- The common thread is working with people. For me, it's about getting people to fulfil themselves and do their best in the community, he says.