COP27 climate
By Svend Løbner 11 Nov 2022 | Mission East

Mission East partners participate in COP27

Mission East participates in COP27 through two partner organisations. Iraqi EADE repairs water systems, Nepalese KIRDARC mitigates floods, and both plant trees in city parks and entire forests.

EADE is co-hosting a side event at COP27 in the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheik. On November 15, their experts participate in a thematic day focusing on mitigating climate change and restoring ecosystems in the Arab world.

- We create awareness about climate change and environmental problems in Iraq. Our goal is to counteract the frequent sandstorms by planting 300,000 trees across Iraq, said EADE's general secretary Abdul Majwjood at a meeting with Mission East.

- At the same time, we will repair broken pipelines in urban areas and establish water dams by the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, he continued and explained that the water level in the two large rivers is decreasing because Turkey uses the water at the rivers' sources to cover the country’s own needs.

That is why participation at COP27 is important:

- We hope to achieve good contact with other countries and public authorities, so that we can do something together about the water problems in Iraq. The problems can only be solved by working together. At the same time, we naturally also hope to make contact with more donors, so that we can ensure that the projects become a reality.

In addition to EADE, the organization KIRDARC also participates in COP27. Mission East collaborates with KIRDARC in the poor Karnali province up in the Himalayan mountains, where the villagers are learning how to stem floods, plant hardy crops and plead their case to the Nepali local authorities.