By Svend Løbner 27 May 2021 | Mission East

Mission East has helped over 500,000 people in 2020

At the annual meeting on May 30, the aid organization can celebrate progress for the benefit of the world's needy.

The corona pandemic defined 2020 – and also for Mission East. Over 250,000 people worldwide received help for virus protection. This is just one of the reports that will be presented at Mission East's annual meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Sunday afternoon, 30 May.

Surplus and savings

Here, the main economic figures will also be presented - figures that show that Mission East’s financial position shows positive developments: There are surplus and lower expenses for administration than before:

- We came out of 2020 with a surplus, and with ongoing savings, even greater profits are expected in 2021. The administration percentage has already fallen from 11 to 9 percent and is expected to fall further, so that as much money as possible goes to the world's needy, says Secretary General Betina Gollander-Jensen.

In 2020, Mission East helped over 250,000 people with hygiene items, soap and protective equipment against Corona infection. Over 50,000 received food aid as they had lost work and income due to Corona.

Christian values in action

In the midst of Corona Aid, Mission East continued to show Christian values in action:346,000 people received emergency aid, 56,000 access to water and sanitation, 33,000 aid to emergency preparedness. Together with partner organizations, Mission East also provided food supplies for 13,000 people and helped 25,000 support themselves. Not to mention the 25,000 children, young people and adults with disabilities who were helped to be included in school and society.

There may be overlap between the different categories, but with a conservative estimate, Mission East has helped over half a million - 500,000 - people by 2020.

Over 200 dedicated employees

It provides ground for optimism:

- We are confident for 2021 - not least because of the 210 skilled and dedicated employees around the world's hotspots, who together with our 20 partner organizations do an impressive job of helping and creating development for the world's most vulnerable populations, concludes Betina Gollander- Jensen.