1 Sep 2017 | Mission East

Mission East awarded stamp of approval for humanitarian work

Mission East has been recognised among leading aid agencies with the award of a certificate of compliance with the Core Humanitarian Standard. Certification is only awarded to agencies carrying out work of the highest standard.

August 2017

The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) sets out a framework of responsibilities for aid workers and aid organisations, to ensure the delivery of timely, well-informed, effective humanitarian aid, by competent staff, and with respect and participation of aid recipients.

Mission East’s certification audit report states: "Mission East performs best in providing effective, appropriate and timely humanitarian aid. It is proactive in coordinating and seeks complementarity with government and other nongovernment actors. This was highly appreciated amongst stakeholders. Mission East plans and tracks the use of its resources to promote efficiency and takes measures to minimise the possibility of misuse of funds.”

Mission East’s Managing Director Dr Kim Hartzner is pleased with the achievement: “This is a very fine recognition of our work. We are among the first aid agencies to become certified against the CHS. This is a standard which matches well with Mission East’s aim to helping those in need in an accountable and dignified way. Our certification demonstrates both the quality of Mission East’s work and our commitment to ongoing learning and improvement.”

The certificate was issued by the Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative (HQAI) which was been set up to provide independent quality assurance to the humanitarian sector. As well as extensive document review and interviews with staff, the certification audit also involved field visits to allow the external auditors to gather direct feedback from communities receiving assistance from Mission East.

Dr Hartzner said: “Feedback from those we are helping is particularly important to us.  We were delighted that the audit confirmed once more that Mission East is perceived to deliver aid rapidly and effectively where it is most needed. The community feedback also emphasised the quality of our dedicated field staff, without which our task would be impossible.”

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