By Svend Løbner 22 Jul 2022 | Mission East

Line loves to communicate and streamline

Line Lauritzen is Fundraising and Database Officer and thus a link between the people who support Mission East and the people that Mission East supports.

A bit of this, a bit of that, jack of all trades. It is difficult to assign a job title to Line Lauritzen. But one thing is for sure. A lot would be missed if she wasn't at Mission East's head office in Hellerup.

She was first employed as a student assistant in April last year. It quickly became apparent that she fulfilled an important role as a link between the departments for communication, fundraising and administration. On 1 June this year, she was employed in a permanent role in the organisation.

Line Lauritzen is totally comfortable working with fundraising. The people who call in to find out what their money is going to can sense that.

Can be free and creative in Mission East

But what made you apply to Mission East?

- I have previously worked in telemarketing with fundraising and was a manager of fundraising for various NGOs. It then dawned on me that this was the path I wanted to take. I have since completed an education as a marketing economist. You have to do an internship there during the course, so I had to find a study job where I also had to do an internship.

- I flirted with different organisations, but Mission Øst gives a few more freedoms because it is a relatively small organisation. There is an opportunity to try different things and be part of the creative processes. I was, among other things, allowed to be involved in running campaigns on social media after being a student assistant for 14 days!

Will create better work flow for everyone

What is a really good working day for you?

- It is when I succeed in identifying something that I can either produce, make better or restructure, so that there is a better work flow for all of us.

Line Lauritzen's job title is "Fundraising and Database Officer".

- I sit between the database and the fundraising team. So, for example, my work can be something like how we communicate with our supporters. What material should we send out to them and how do we send it out? How should it be worded?

Telephone, emails and database management

Line Lauritzen's tasks are very much about creating and maintaining contact with Mission East's donors, for example by sending thank-you emails to all those who have given small or large amounts.

- But it can also be picking up the phone and answering the questions that people have and taking time to talk to the people who support us, she explains.

And then there is a lot of work that goes into managing a database of regular donors, supporters and members.

- I work together with my colleagues to make it better, more efficient and smarter, she smiles.

It can seem very technical. How do you keep the focus on the fact that it is actually about people in need out in the world?

- That is the fuel. None of this technical stuff is fun or interesting if it's not about being a link between the people who support Mission East and the people Mission East supports.

Jumping in puddles and brewing beer

Privately, Line Lauritzen describes herself as "a big family person".

- I am so lucky that I can live with my aunt and uncle. I spend a lot of time with my family, such as my older brother and niece. My niece is four, so we jump in puddles and draw on rocks and all the things that four-year-olds think are cool.

Line is also initiated into the art of beer brewing, as her mother and stepfather are hobby brewers. They all enjoy getting out and experiencing something. Together they participate in various beer competitions.