3 May 2007 | Mission East

Kim Hartzner speaks at the Annual General Meeting on May 28th

Managing Director, Dr. Kim Hartzner, visits Vorbasse in Jutland on May 28th to talk about his work with handicapped children in Armenia. Kim Hartzner has lived in Armenia with his wife and three sons since August 2006, heading up the Mission East office there.

The setting for the visit is the Mission East Annual General Meeting where Kim Hartzner will be speaking about working for the rights of handicapped and socially vulnerable children in the former Soviet Republic. The Armenian perception of handicap is still influenced by Soviet thinking which considered people with disabilities to have less worth. Kim Hartzner will be telling about the struggle to change the way society as a whole thinks about handicapped people. A struggle that among other things has led to a new national law that gives the handicapped equal rights of access to education.

The meeting takes place at Vorbasse School, Østergade 18, from 1 pm to 2.55 pm.

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