16 Dec 2016 | Mission East

Dane collects money for Iraq

Johannes Lee preferred donations for Mission East to receiving gifts for himself.

By Line Højland, Communications Officer

“For my 40th birthday, I chose to ask the guests to give a donation instead of a gift for me. The reason for choosing displaced people in Iraq was primarily that there was a lot of focus on the issue at the time. Therefore, it also had the attention of myself and my guests,” Johannes said.

As many others, Johannes Lee invited his guests via a Facebook page, and it was also here that he shared his request to give a donation:

“From time to time, I shared stories from Mission East and repeatedly referred to my own collection,” he explained. “It was very easy to make a campaign page on the collection platform – in fact, it was incredibly easy.”

On his campaign page, he wrote about the displaced in Iraq: “These people have a far greater need for help than the luxury problems we have here. For them, it is a matter of basic survival. So instead of giving me a birthday present, please donate the equivalent amount to Mission East.”

Most of his guests followed his request, and by the end of his fund-raising, Johannes was able to donate 1.950 DKK to Mission East’s work for vulnerable internally displaced families in Northern Iraq.

“A few people chose to bring presents instead, because they could not accept the idea of not giving me anything for my personal use. I felt a bit strange about that, because I preferred that the money be spent on the collection, but people are different,” Johannes said.

He said about his involvement:

“I think that most people, basically, would like to help people in need. Often we may have our doubts about how to do this, and whether the donation actually reaches those in need. I know that it does with Mission East. I don’t know whether I personally gain anything from raising funds. Some people would say that it gives you a shining halo, but you can choke on something like that, you can become too full of yourself. What I gained was the ability to give Mission East a far larger donation that I had been able to on my own.”