By Svend Løbner 6 Jan 2022 | Mission East

Compassion is at the core of new strategy

Mission East has adopted a strategy towards 2030. Six strategic goals optimize and target efforts to meet the needs of vulnerable people in connection with the Corona pandemic, climate crisis and local development.

For more than 30 years, Mission East has worked with the most vulnerable people in the hardest-to-reach areas to help them overcome emergencies and rebuild lost livelihoods. During these years, the world has changed, and we are now seeing an increasing number of conflicts and displacements as well as the consequences of the climate crisis and COVID-19.

Mission East will adapt to these changes and continue to be one of the best organizations to provide support to the most vulnerable in remote areas. The title of the strategy in 2022-2030 is Together in Compassion - compassion for people and all creation!

Based on clear Christian values, Mission East aims to meet these strategic goals:

1. Conflict- and disaster-affected communities receive timely and relevant humanitarian responses.

2. Marginalised and vulnerable populations lead healthy, dignified lives, and experience social justice in inclusive and resilient communities.

3. At-risk communities take effective action to adapt to changing climate and engage in restorative environmental practice to protect themselves and creation.

4. Mission East invests in quality partnerships and capacitates local leadership.

5. Mission East has a diverse funding base and effective popular engagement.

6. Mission East is a vibrant and fit-for-purpose organisation.

Read the whole strategy here.