By Betina Gollander-Jensen, Secretary General 21 Nov 2022 | Mission East

Climate crisis affect poor people in climate vulnerable countries

The annual COP27 climate summit has ended, and while we didn't make much progress on the 1.5-degree target, important progress was made. 

Losses and damage came to the fore this year and we are pleased to see that a climate disaster fund is now to be set up. There are many important details still to be worked out - including who can get compensation and who will pay - but it is an important first step. We are also pleased to see that there is a focus on ensuring that money is not reallocated from, for example, development aid.

However, it is worrying that the world's heads of state and government have not been able to go further on the 1.5 degree target. Mission East and our partners see clearly how the effects of the climate crisis affect poor people in climate vulnerable countries. They are struggling to cope with the enormous devastation that repeatedly overwhelms themselves, their families and the countries they live in. We help with climate adaptation, such as training in climate-resilient crops, with disaster prevention, and with humanitarian aid once the damage is done.

Everyone, and especially world governments, must be aware of their responsibilities. Otherwise we will end up with a bill that we as a global community cannot pay.