16 May 2012 | Mission East

Better disaster relief for the world

Now Mission East, together with our partners, can respond to disasters in the whole world within a very short period of time. This is made possible by an intensified collaboration within the global alliance, Integral.

If a flood hits Tajikistan or an earthquake destroys Haiti it is crucial that the work of relief organisations is coordinated to make sure that most people get the best possible assistance.
Mission East is a member of Integral, which is a global alliance of several 16 Christian relief and development agencies working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide.
The collaboration between the members has recently been strengthened to provide faster, more effective and better coordinated relief aid during earthquakes, famines and other disasters.
- With Integral we can respond to disasters worldwide within a few hours. If a disaster hits countries in Eastern Europe or Asia where Mission East is present, we will most likely lead the work. If it happens elsewhere, Mission East can e.g. help to find the needed funds, says Kim Hartzner, Managing Director of Mission East.
Members of Integral work in over 85 countries and fund more than 1,100 projects annually.
- It is a huge advantage for both small and large relief organisations to be part of a global network like Integral. It improves the quality of the assistance given and it gives opportunities to respond to disasters almost anywhere in the world including hidden and forgotten disasters that never reach the media headlines, says Kim Hartzner.
Integral was established in 2004.

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