By Svend Løbner 2 Jun 2021 | Mission East

Annual meeting showed an effective and focused organization

Mission East's annual general meeting last Sunday showed an organization that can adapt and reach far with help for the most needy. A vote showed overwhelming majority for the for the current board and the new leadership in Mission East.

Mission East has concluded an annual general meeting in Hellerup, Copenhagen, with good reports and absolutely breathtaking figures on how many people, Mission East's 210 employees and 20 partner organizations have helped in nine program countries during the Corona pandemic.

The former Secretary General Kim Hartzner had previously announced his candidacy for the post of chairman of the board and provided three more candidates for the board to gain influence. Although many members at the annual meeting expressed gratitude for Kim Hartzner's efforts as general secretary the previous years, 43 voted against, 17 for, and one as neutral. This means that the current board continues with the current number of members and that neither Kim Hartzner nor the other three candidates entered the board.

A staggering number of people received help in 2020

Chairman of the Board Torben Andersen thanked Operations Director Peter Drummond Smith for his efforts in the second half of 2020, where he took over as Secretary General, after Kim Hartzner left the position.

In that capacity, Peter Drummond Smith presented a report with absolutely staggering figures on Mission East's efforts in 2020: 346,000 people received emergency aid, 56,000 access to water and sanitation, 33,000 assistance in disaster resilience. Together with partner organizations, Mission East also provided food supplies for 13,000 people and helped 25,000 support themselves. Not to mention the 25,000 children, young people and adults with disabilities who were helped to be included in school and society.

- 2020 was a year marked by the Corona pandemic. We quickly adapted our programs to Corona prevention. Although we are opening up society more and more in Europe, our Corona Prevention Assistance will continue abroad for a long time to come. In Nepal, only 2-3 percent have been vaccinated and there are more infected than in India, said program manager Peter Drummond Smith.

Expands activities in Afghanistan and Syria

Mission East got a new Secretary General on January 1, 2021, and Betina Gollander-Jensen unveiled new exciting initiatives in the coming years. Mission East plans to set up an office in Syria and expands its involvement in Afghanistan, although Denmark and other Western allies withdraw military support to the country.

Over the next six months, Mission East will develop a new strategy with two benchmarks: Everyone will be consulted during the strategy process - both employees, partner organizations and recipients of aid in the nine program countries. And Mission East's identity as a faith-based organization remains unchanged, the Secretary-General announced:

- We are inspired by the life of Jesus to serve others based on needs - regardless of their faith, race or nationality. We prioritize the weakest and poorest among us. We have a vision of human dignity and of taking care of God's creation, said Betina Gollander-Jensen.

In 2021, Mission East is also in the competition to enter into a new partnership agreement with Danida for the next four years. The organization has already had its terms of reference approved and received good marks for it by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so now the Secretary General and key employees are embarking on the application itself.

Profit despite restructured accounting policies

Torben Andersen thanked the participants for their faithful support in 2020, when the economy has developed stably. Mission East came out of 2020 with a profit despite new accounting policies and expects even greater profits in 2021 for the benefit of equity.

Audited accounts will be presented at an extraordinary general meeting in 3 October 2021, where the draft new articles of association for Mission East will also be clarified according to modern standards.