Your membership means even more help to the vulnerable of the world!

As a member of Mission East, you help ensure even more help for the world's most vulnerable families, women and children. Your membership counts when we apply for public pools and foundations for funds for our efforts. This can mean many millions of kroner more for emergency aid, development, self-help and climate efforts for thousands of human lives.

The more we are, the stronger we stand.

A membership costs only DKK 100 a year, but is worth several million!

Pay 2023 membership for one person

Pay 2023 membership for a couple

Your membership gives you influence and benefits:

• You have the right to vote at our annual meeting and can influence our work

• You will be kept informed about our work in magazines and newsletters

• You will be invited when we hold exciting events and lectures

• You can get free help with your will

Your membership is personal and must be renewed every year. We remind you when it's about time.