MEMBERSHIP of Mission East:

A membership costs only DKK 50 per year

There are many benefits to joining Mission East:

  • You get the right to vote at the general meeting and can influence Mission East's work.
  • You give us a stronger political voice so that we can help secure and improve the conditions of the world's poorest.
  • The more members we are, the stronger we are! Your membership contribution is crucial to whether Mission East has access to public funding and private foundations.

A membership is valid for one year. After this, the membership must be actively renewed. 
Become a member or renew your membership by filling out the form here:

The member subscription is not tax deductible. However, you can get deductions from further donations. If you wish Mission East to report your donations for tax, please provide us with your Social Security No. (Danish CPR number only):
If you have received printed materials from Mission East before, you can help us by providing us with your Support No. or Donation ID. Your Support No. can be found on letters from Mission East in the bottom left of the letter:
Your Donation ID can be found in a thank you mail from us, upon giving a donation and providing us with your email address. Find your Donation ID i the bottom of your email:

You have to agree to the Mission East privacy policy for us to be able to handle your data as a member.  Read the privacy policy here