Local offices

Apart from the three headquarter offices in Copenhagen, Brussels and Berlin, Mission East has offices in five of the countries where we work.


Head office: Kabul

Provincial offices: 

Takhar province: Taloqan and Rustaq

Badakhshan province: Kishim, and Ishkashim

Number of staff (end 2017): 94


Head office: Yerevan

Number of staff (end 2017): 11

Irak Kontor


Head office: Erbil

Provincial offices: Kirkuk, Sinuni, and Mosul

Number of staff (end 2017): 87


Head office: Kathmandu

Number of staff (end 2017): 12



Head office: Dushanbe 

Provincial offices: Penjakent, Khorog, Kulyab, and Khalaikumb/Dashtak

Number of staff (end 2017): 60

We also have programmes in Myanmar and North Korea, and are currently responding to crises in Bangladesh, Nagorno-Karabakh and Syria – but without having local offices. Our work there is carried out through local partners.