Syria: Partnership strengthens relief work

Mission East has just signed a partnership agreement with the Lebanese aid organization SHEILD, which targets aid to Syrian refugees and people affected by the Syrian displacement crisis in Syria and Lebanon.

Networking means everything. You know this as a job seeker, self-employed and businessperson in general. But few people might think that it also applies to relief work. The fact of the matter is that it is precisely through networks with both local and international partner organizations that the relief work becomes effective.

Collaborates locally and internationally

Thus, Mission East works through more than 45 local partners who know the local needs, have great credibility in the local community and have cultivated relationships with local authorities for a long time. Through international NGO networks, rapid response in crisis situations is ensured. As now in Ukraine, where Mission East both cooperates with the local organization HBAid on the border with Hungary and the international organization Medair inside Ukraine.

Lebanese organization with experience

Similarly, Mission East has now begun cooperation with the Lebanese organization SHEILD for its programme in Syria and Lebanon. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has mainly helped Syrian refugees and displaced persons in both Syria and Lebanon.

SHEILD stands for Social, Humanitarian, Economic Intervention for Local Development and has managed to support and help hundreds of thousands of people with life-saving relief, including food. The organization has helped over 3,500 vulnerable people into work and created a livelihood for over 500 women, young people and people with disabilities.

Food for tens of thousands of needy

SHEILD has also been able to provide food aid to some 15,000 Syrian displaced families and regular monthly access to food for tens of thousands of refugee and host families in Lebanon.

Based on 12 years of experience in relief work in the region, SHEILD focuses on six areas of work: emergency aid, protection, livelihoods, agriculture, food security and legal aid. Areas that nicely match Mission East's efforts in the area.

- We are very happy to collaborate with SHEILD, drawing on their experience, expertise and extensive network, says Program Manager Joohi Haleem from Mission Easts operational headquarter in Bruxelles.

- Our effort is surely strengthened with good and reliable partners and indeed multiplied as we join forces to reach the most vulnerable.

Visit SHEILD here.