Judith Jønsby
By Svend Løbner 30 May 2023 | Mission East

Judith wants to help more people help more

Judith Jønsby is the new engagement director at Mission East. She brings experience from strategic communication projects.

- Many people want to do something good. We must help them to do that!

That's what Judith Jønsby says, who from 1 June is the new Engagement Director at Mission East. Right now she works as an independent consultant in strategic communication and design. She brings her overview and concrete communication experience into Mission East's engagement team in Hellerup.

- I would like to build a bridge by telling about the fantastic aid work that Mission East does around the world, in new ways, so that the message reaches many more people, says Judith Jønsby.

Lots of potential in young and old

Everyone is needed to improve the conditions for the vulnerable in the world, both young, mature and elderly, she believes:

- The young people can be difficult to reach, but I would like to help create space in Mission East for the new generations, who today feel very responsible in relation to consumption, society, the climate and the environment.

Judith Jønsby heads the company By Judith and has previously worked as creative director at the production company Copenhagen Media Facility. Before that, she was Art Director in several digital companies and graphic designer at, among others, Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

True to the roots, open to the world

She uses her concrete communication experience and strategic overview when she facilitates the development of brand identity in organisations today. As she puts it:

- What are our values and how do we develop culturally, so that we are true to our roots and at the same time fit into the world as it is today?

And in relation to Mission East:

- Mission East makes an important effort out in the world. I am looking forward to taking a fresh look at our communication together with the talented people in Mission East, so that together we can create more commitment in new ways and build more new bridges between people and organisations for the benefit of our beneficiaries.

Active leisure time with art and kayaking

Judith Jønsby lives in Græsted in North Zealand with Henrik, with whom she has two boys aged 10 and 13 respectively.

In her spare time, she designs art posters and enjoys sailing and surfing in Gilleleje, where she is also a kayak instructor. She also runs a small NGO, Papmor, which through creative workshops helps vulnerable children to think outside the box and create a better future both for themselves and society.

Judith Jønsby takes up the position of engagement director in Mission East on 1 June 2023.