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The world is full of people affected by crisis and extreme poverty. Many of them need your help. But what can you do to create lasting change for people in need?

Let us show you how to collect money for people who are caught up in poverty and disasters by doing what you do best.

No matter what you do in your daily life, you can make a difference. All it takes is a computer, your creativity and a desire to lift people out of extreme poverty and give them hope when they are struck by disaster. If you have all this, you are ready.

What are you particularly good at? Networking? Knitting? Speeches? Push-ups? Use your skills to raise funds for the people you wish to help.

We will give you a hand

You will get your own campaign page that you can share with your network.

We will provide you with photographs, videos and stories about the people you wish to help.

You can use your creativity to invest your talents in a productive way.

Get in touch with our fundraiser, Susanne Madsen, for advice on how to proceed – by phone +45 39 61 20 48 or e-mail:

Write to Susanne if you wish to be part of the Join ME network. You will receive the latest news about our projects and inspiring inputs for your campaign.

Adventskalender gør juleevangeliet konkret

Mission Øst tilbyder undervisningsmateriale til kirker landet over. Oplæg, leg og spil kæder julens budskab sammen med fattiges vilkår i dag.

Mission Øst har udarbejdet en adventskalender, som kæder juleevangeliet sammen med børns virkelighed i en kaotisk verden, hvor fjernsyn og sociale medier bringer menneskers nød helt ind i børneværelset.

Kalenderen består af et oplæg til hver søndag i advent - hver gang med inspiration til leg, spil, konkurrencer og gode samtaler om, hvad barnet og familierne konkret kan gøre for at hjælpe mennesker i nød. Emnerne er i tråd med det, der skete med Jesus, da han blev født i Betlehem:

1. søndag i advent handler om børn på flugt,

2. søndag om fattigdom,

3. søndag om forandring og til sidst,

4. søndag i advent om håb.

Det er et fleksibelt materiale, der både kan bruges som inspiration til et indslag i selve gudstjenesten og foldes ud til oplæg og aktiviteter i en ’børnekirke’ under gudstjenesten.

Foredrag om Mission Østs arbejde ude i verden

Mange foreninger, klubber og organisationer synes at det er spændende at høre sidste nyt fra vores arbejde blandt nogle af verdens mest oversete befolkningsgrupper og kriser. Foredraget kan være for medlemmer og andre andre i lokalområdet, der har interesse. Ring eller skriv os en mail.

Ring eller skriv os en mail.

Majken Samsøe
Tel.: 39 61 20 48

Become a partner church

Mission East can become an instrument of your church to help people in need.

Mission East is an organisation specialising in emergency relief and sustainable development assistance in the world’s flashpoints. Hundreds of dedicated staff members ensure that the aid reaches those who really need it. In Northern Iraq, Mission East has helped Yezidis and Christians persecuted by Islamic State.

“Mission East deserves our full support. Its efforts to help all the persecuted are worthy of praise.” Mogens Mogensen, consultant at the Committee for Church and Encounter with other Religions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

“I am deeply impressed with Mission East’s ability to reach those who are most in need.” Nikolaj Hartung Kjærby, Vicar of Husum Church, Copenhagen

“Mission East is present in the world’s flashpoints - even those that are very difficult to reach.” Keld Skovgaard, Vicar of Sæby Church

“It has been our pleasure to support Mission East for many years. As a church, it is important to reach out.” Jesper Oehlenschläger, Vicar of Karlslunde Strandkirke

Support our work:

  • Join up with one or more other churches and book a speaking engagement with Mission East’s Managing Director, Kim Hartzner.
  • Organise a jumble sale, a bazaar, a bicycle race or a similar event in support of Mission East.
  • Make an online fundraiser in connection with a church event.
  • Become a Mission East church partner and support us with a monthly donation.

Send an e-mail to or call us at +45 39 61 20 48