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Presentation about Mission East's work

Presentation about Mission East's work

Many associations, clubs and organisations in Denmark enjoy hearing the latest news from our work among some of the most overlooked communities and crises. 

The presentation can be for your own members as well as others in your local community who are interested.  

Call us or write an e-mail. 

Majken Samsøe
Tel.: +45 39 61 20 48

Become a partner church

Become a partner church

Mission East can become an instrument of your church to help people in need.

Mission East is an organisation specialising in emergency relief and sustainable development assistance in the world’s flashpoints. Hundreds of dedicated staff members ensure that the aid reaches those who really need it. In Northern Iraq, Mission East has helped Yezidis and Christians persecuted by Islamic State.

“Mission East deserves our full support. Its efforts to help all the persecuted are worthy of praise.” Mogens Mogensen, consultant at the Committee for Church and Encounter with other Religions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

“I am deeply impressed with Mission East’s ability to reach those who are most in need.” Nikolaj Hartung Kjærby, Vicar of Husum Church, Copenhagen

“Mission East is present in the world’s flashpoints - even those that are very difficult to reach.” Keld Skovgaard, Vicar of Sæby Church

“It has been our pleasure to support Mission East for many years. As a church, it is important to reach out.” Jesper Oehlenschläger, Vicar of Karlslunde Strandkirke

Support our work:

  • Join up with one or more other churches and book a speaking engagement with Kim Hartzner.
  • Organise a jumble sale, a bazaar, a bicycle race or a similar event in support of Mission East.
  • Make an online fundraiser in connection with a church event.
  • Become a Mission East church partner and support us with a monthly donation.

Send an e-mail to or call us at +45 39 61 20 48