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By Mission Øst 25 Sep 2019 |

Young people rebuild Iraq

Adolescents in Iraq are key nexus players in the process of restoring everyday life in Sinjar. That is why Mission East helps the young people where the needs are

The Yezidis in Sinjar district are currently at ground zero. They stand in the ruins of what was once their home and need to find a new foothold.

There is nothing to build on. Such a situation calls for nexus tools at the very low end of the scale: rubble must be made for buildings, metal pipes for lamp posts, garbage containers, hinges and handles put on doors, potholes must be stopped on walls and empty areas made functional with gardens and bus stops to add a touch of normality to the smashed surroundings.

Young people are key nexus players in Iraq 

While the worst part of the conflict with IS is now over and the situation in Sinjar has gradually improved, the political situation in the region is still unstable with uncertainty and risk for future conflict and displacement again.

This makes Sinjar a nexus context. In this nexus situation, young people are not only important for reconstruction, but they must also be strengthened and encouraged to to survive - and hopefully prevent - future crises. That is why Mission East has asked eight groups of young people aged 17-25 to come up with proposals for projects that can help them reconstruct the everyday life needed to become citizens with a normal everyday life.

Guided by young people´s needs

One of the favorites among the project proposals was the construction of a bus shed. When the temperatures in the summer months reach above 50 degrees and there are far between buses, it makes good sense with a shaded bus shed.

Thus, the example underscores the importance of nexus-oriented efforts based on local needs. It is one of the cornerstones of Mission East's work across all our projects.

Facts: Young people as nexus agents

The project in Iraq supports the rebuilding of the community's infrastructure in collaboration with young people. In addition, the project runs "On-the-job" vocational training for young people as well as the training of women entrepreneur groups, who are given the opportunity to receive grants to start their own business.