Ahmad and the nine children, he provides for, in front of their house which is now in a better condition thanks to Danish support. Photo: Philip Hartzner
28 Dec 2018 |

Cash assistance to rebuild Mosul

A family father got money from Mission East to rebuild his destroyed house in West Mosul. With the money, his wife could also get a surgery. 

It is incredible what you can accomplish with a small fund in the bombed-out Iraqi city of Mosul.  

For 350 Euros, the 36-year-old Ahmad Abbas could afford to repair his house and even had a little left to pay for medical help.

Responsible for two families

Ahmad is the provider for his wife and seven children, but only earns around 14 Euros a month. When Ahmad’s brother got shot by Islamic State’s snipers, Ahmad’s world fell apart. “My brother was my best friend, and I buried him with my own hands. Today, I am also responsible for providing for his wife and children,” he says. 

Has repaired the damages

Thus, the cash assistance from Mission East was a godsend. Managing Director Kim Hartzner visited Ahmad November 5th and saw that he had repaired bullet holes in the walls. He cried while telling about their destitution and misery, but he was also full of joy that he had been able to spend the 350 Euros on repairing the holes and damages from bombings.

Grateful for the aid

”The aid is a welcome support for Ahmad and his big family – 15 people in total. He was also very grateful to have been able to pay for his wife’s surgery after she gave birth to a stillborn child,” Kim Hartzner says. 

Mission East provides cash assistance for families in Mosul, so they can rebuild their houses and shops. Kim Hartzner also visited a family who had rebuilt a bombed wall and painted all rooms in their house. And a mother and her daughter who had spent the money on a kitchen with an oven and to get electricity in their house.