By Betina Gollander-Jensen 17 Jan 2023 | Mission East

Guiding Star 2023: We want to help even more people

Mission East can act quickly and work under pressure. This is shown by our efforts in Ukraine and Afghanistan. But we want to be even better. There are so many people in deep crisis! That is why we want to scale up our work and invite researchers and innovative companies to collaborate.

The task is quite simple. Mission East must help as many people as possible to survive. That's why we expanded our relief effort in 2022. And that's why we're ramping it up even more in 2023.

There are so many people in deep crisis! Ukraine is bombed morning, noon and night. People flee for their lives. Afghanistan is facing an acute food crisis. Parents eat only once a day so that their children can have food. Nigeria is ravaged by terrorism. Families are driven to flight and stuck in garrison towns - deeply dependent on outside help.

Mission East distributes cash aid, provides clean drinking water and teaches people to grow hardy and nutritious foods that can cope despite the climate crisis. We can do that thanks to you, our donors, who have stood faithfully with us in 2022.

Thank you!

Wanted: Good ideas!

Emergency aid, water and climate action - we will do that together this year as well. We are already good at that, but we must become even better.

I would like to invite inventors, innovative businesses, researchers and others to come up with good ideas for how we can provide more help for the same money. Work smarter, not harder!

Yes, we also need more money. Our turnover has already increased by 30 percent from 2021 to 2022. But we must ensure that the support we receive from generous people does as much good as possible.

So come on! Show us how to do it. And let us put your ideas into practice in the real world out there: where the world is burning.

Thank you for your faithful support

And now that we are on the topic of finances. I am so grateful for the many private donors, associations, churches and foundations who faithfully stand with us and ensure that we can distribute money for food, provide clean drinking water, stem floods and mudslides and help people cultivate and irrigate fields with crops that can support their families.

Despite inflation and rising prices for electricity and gas at home, you have stood with us and ensured that we could help the hardest hit families in our working countries. Those who are starving, those who have lost everything in war and disaster, and those who are alone with one or more children with disabilities.

Prevent climate disasters

We cannot reverse the climate crisis, but we can all do our part to slow it down and help the millions of people affected by climate disasters.

More and more people cannot live and support their families where they are because of drought. Others suddenly have their houses destroyed because masses of water with soil and mud pour down on them.

We help them, and we must help them even more: To adapt to the consequences of the climate crisis. And as far as possible prevent, so that the disasters do not happen again. To provide water in dry areas. To build dikes where rivers go over their banks. We help them to plant trees - it benefits the climate, contributes important food, and keeps the precious topsoil even when the rain washes down. But we must also test new methods and innovative solutions. The consequences of the climate crisis are enormous, and there is no time to waste.

Quick help for war victims

2022 became a pressure test of whether Mission East can cope when war suddenly breaks out and countries undergo major upheavals.

On February 24, Ukraine was invaded and war broke out in Europe. That same morning we started preparing the humanitarian effort. We found a partner in neighboring Hungary who accepted refugees at the border and gave them food, medicine and shelter for the night. We started a collection up on the same day. And we coordinated the aid effort with our international partner organization Medair.

Our skilled local employees and partners are good at adapting and working under pressure. 2022 was also the year when we had to adjust our feet in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power. After a few uncertain months in 2021, we were able to slowly ramp up our much-needed water and food projects in 2022. And even though our female employees in particular remain under great pressure, we do everything to be able to continue our humanitarian efforts in the country.

We continue - together

That's the headline: Faithfulness. Both at home and abroad. Both from you regular donors and all those who work hard out there – employees and partner organizations and the affected families themselves, who show an absolutely unimaginable ability to survive.

Together, we must continue and expand the effort so that even more people get help.

That is why Mission Øst exists.