Give a gift

Give a gift to the world’s poorest

There are several ways to support Mission East’s work. Find the way that suits you best and make a difference for vulnerable people living in remote areas.  93.8 percent of the donations go directly to those we help. Thank you for your support!


Transfer money to our bank account: 3170 konto nr. 0010 91 8030

Call us on +45 39 61 20 48 and ask us to send a giro.

Send a text message with the text ME150 to 1245 and donate 150 kr. (works only if you have a Danish phone number)


Get a tax deduction for your donation

When donating to Mission East’s work, you can get a tax deduction if you have a Danish CPR number. In 2019 you can deduct up to 16,300 DKK. If you inform us about your CPR number, we will report your donation to the Danish tax authorities by the end of the year. Call us on +45 39 61 20 48 if you have any questions.

Become a regular supporter

By supporting Mission East regularly, you make it easier for us to plan our work and react timely when disaster strikes, while saving money on administration.

It is your choice how much you want to give and how often, and you can always call us on +45 39 61 20 48 or contact your bank to discontinue the support.

Make a ten-year commitment

If you are donating more than 16,300 DKK per year to charity, it may be an advantage to commit for ten years. This gives you better tax deduction possibilities. Call us on +45 39 61 20 48 for more information.

Become a member

Mission East depends on our members to apply for public funds, and as a member you can vote at our Annual General Meeting. Supporting Mission East’s work does not make you a member automatically. Send an e-mail to, call us on +45 39 61 20 48 or register here to become a member. It costs 50 DKK per year and is not tax deductible. The fee will not be charged separately but will be drawn from your first donation every year.

Include the world’s poorest in your legacy

A legacy to Mission East makes a huge difference for poor and vulnerable people in the Middle East and Asia. As a charity, Mission East does not pay inheritance tax. You can be sure that your legacy goes exclusively to the people who need it. Call us on +45 39 61 20 48 for more information.