Corona Emergency Relief

Global COVID-19 Response Overview

On March 20, Mission East launched a large-scale Corona relief package with the capacity to help over 350,000 people in five selected program countries: Nepal, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. Since then, Tajikistan and Myanmar have been added and the capacity has grown to include 625,000 people in extreme poverty, refugees, internally displaced persons and people with disabilities. They are among the most vulnerable during a pandemic like Covid-19.

Here you will find the latest status of our emergency relief in numbers and categories. End of May 2020, we will intensify the distribution of emergency food items due to the accelerating number of people facing severe food shortages. Especially in areas of war, civil war and conflict where Mission East works, the lack of food is acute.


Food: 15.719 persons have received nutritious food for one month


Information: 39.652 pamphlets on how to protect oneself against COVID-19 have been distributed

Hygiene kits

Hygiene kits: 11.152 kits have been distributed to vulnerable families 

Radio-transmitted awareness campaigns

Information on COVID-19 transmitted via local media: 152.000 housholds were reached 

Health facilities

Protective equipment for health facilities: 45 clinics have recived masks, testing equipment, staff training, gloves and hand sanitizer 

News from Current Crises

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