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Help vulnerable groups in Myanmar

Following decades of isolation, Myanmar has opened up to the outside world. This means that international organisations can now work for some of the country’s most vulnerable groups. Mission East supports the impoverished Mara people.

Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – is home to many different ethnic and religious minorities. One of them is the Mara people who are Christians and live in the remote and thinly populated Chin State where approximately 80 per cent of the population struggle to feed their families.

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Mission East has worked in Myanmar and supported the Mara people since 2013. Together with our local partners we work to improve access to food for the Mara people. Our projects aim to secure enough nutritious food for the population in a number of villages throughout the year. Local communities are also taught how to produce food sustainably, and through local authorities we support the promotion of sustainable approaches to natural resource management.

For several years, Mission East has supported a local boarding school for Mara children. The COME School is run by our local partner to provide the children with a better education. Mission East mainly supports the school by improving the students’ diet.

Mission East is also working with our local partners to improve their capacities as professional and efficient organisations so that they can be of even greater use to the Mara people.

Support the Mara people in Myanmar!



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