Give vulnerable and sick people their energy back

Kickstart a life-changing chain reaction!

Feces, flies and contaminated river water. This lethal triad is responsible for an unnecessarily high number of premature deaths each year. 

Waterborne diseases and poor hygiene are a silent killer in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Tajikistan – causing the infant mortality rate to rise and debilitating adolescents and adults alike. It is an incredible waste of human life and human resources, yet it is far from inevitable.  

The solution is as basic and everyday as the problem itself: toilets, supply of clean water and compliance with basic hygiene rules. 

The three things combined do not only have the power to save children and adults from unnecessary diseases and premature deaths; they can also spark a radical transformation of entire village communities by unleashing human and economic resources. 

Push the button now to start a life-changing chain reaction in thousands of people’s lives 

Turn sickness and death into energy and action

Latrines, easy access to clean water and good hygiene. It takes very little to make an impact in people’s lives. Give them the chance to make use of their human potential for the benefit of their communities as a whole. 



This is how your support changes lives!

When people no longer have to worry about defecating in the open, when they have easy access to a stable supply of clean drinking water and when they can wash their hands and kitchen utensils, the rewards are enormous – not just in terms of health, but also in terms of gender equality and income generation. 

Infant mortality is dropping, more children can go to school and people are becoming more productive to the benefit of the whole family. Girls and women no longer have to spend most of the day fetching water from polluted rivers. They can now dedicate their resources to more empowering chores. Health care expenses are converted into bills and coins in the household jar. 

Hardly anything has a greater impact on the lives of vulnerable people. 

Results from Afghanistan show vast impact

Results from Afghanistan show vast impact

In Mission East, we have just examined the impact of three projects in poor and remote villages in northern Afghanistan. Here we have built and repaired water supply systems, set up water posts, built latrines and boosted  basic hygiene awareness among the local population. 

The results speak volumes: Pollution from feces is gone, no more cases of waterborne diseases are registered, women no longer have to walk long distances for water, people have fewer healthcare expenses and the number of sick children has dropped to only 8 percent. The locals are also far more aware of the importance of frequent hand washing and cleaning. 

Now there is a surplus of human resources to cultivate the farm lands and attend school. 

Stop waste of human resources today

The results from Mission East's projects in Afghanistan show that together we can get very far with very little. We can, because the solution to one problem is often also the solution to another, a third and a fourth. With such positive chain reactions, we can bring about much more change in the lives of vulnerable people than we think. Thanks for doing it with us today. 



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