Help children in Iraq

Help children in Iraq

Millions of children across the world are torn by wars and disasters. Their soul is ripped apart. Now is the time for it to heal. Help a child recover


Children in Iraq do not know what it means to be a child

“I have spent 3 years inside the house”, says Rufaa from Mosul. She has lived  in the isolation of her own house while Islamtic State were firing gun shots right outside. Help a child like Rufaa recover.


Mission East gives war-affected children the tools to heal themselves

Today, at one of Mission East’s youth centers, Rufaa is slowly breaking free from her anxiety and is gradually growing trust in other people again. Professional staff are giving children and adolescents the tools to heal themselves.

Within a safe and structured space we help them transition back into a normal everyday life and we help them talk about the things that are not easy to talk about.

It all starts with the children.

By supporting Mission East you help the ones who need it the most. Currently our support  targets children in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Thank you for your support today!



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