Give cash relief now - and help a family in need!

Help the blast survivors in Lebanon!

Over 200 died. 6,000 wounded. And more than 300,000 homeless. The blast in Beirut's port area left entire neighborhoods in ruins. 

Right now, thousands of people are without a roof over their heads. They have lost everything, and are struggling to afford food. They have difficulties to obtain vital medicine. Hygiene products and protective equipment are out of reach. 

Mission East is through the partner organization Tabitha on the spot and distributes cash relief to the most vulnerable: families with children, single parents, the elderly, the sick and people with disabilities. 

They get debit cards so they can go out and buy exactly what they need most. In this way, they preserve their dignity and at the same time help the society get back on track. 

Do you want to help them through the crisis? 


Cash relief saves lives!

Mission East's local partner Tabitha is moving out with cash relief for families who have lost their homes and now face completely unmanageable expenses for food, shelter, medical care and hygiene in this chaotic situation. A quick needs assessment shows that many people need money for food and medical care. 

You can help secure food and medicine and protective equipment for those who were hit the hardest 

Your gift helps families in deep distress!


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