Lebanon is devastated - help them get back on their feet!

Face masks give hope and means

How do you earn a living in a country that is totally devasted? Lebanon is suffering from excessive unemployment, extreme inflation and food shortages. Both the population and thousands of refugees experience endless poverty. With shutdowns due to corona on top, the situation seems hopeless.

But even when it looks the darkest, there is hope for a better future. A Mission East project gives a number of vulnerable women the chance to help themselves and others.


Your contribution helps the women in Lebanon out of hopelessness.

Mission East has launched an innovative project in Batroun, Lebanon, that teaches women basic skills for making a living independently. They sew face masks both for their own needs and for others who cannot afford to buy them themselves. And they get paid for the work they do.

At the same time, they are also taught a number of life skills, which give them the courage and strength to manage themselves in the future as well.


The hope for a better future

Sarah was faced with having to give up her dream of continuing on to the psychology study she is pursuing. She and her family could no longer afford to pay the tuition.

But the face mask project enables Sarah to continue pay for her studies. At the same time, it has given her other valuable experiences:

"I have learned to manage my time, to take responsibility, and I can now also help my parents," says 19-year-old Sarah, and continues: "The work experience has motivated me so that I can achieve the goals I dream of.”

Help more people like Sarah to help themselves in the hope of a better future.

Limiting the spread

Limiting the spread

In addition to providing women with a job and a salary, the project also benefits thousands of other vulnerable people in Lebanon.

The 25,000 face masks that the women sew are distributed among vulnerable families whose economic situation do not allow them to procure face masks themselves. At the same time, Mission East's partners are distributing information on how to limit the spread of the corona virus.

The face mask project is part of Mission East and our local partner Tabitha's work in Batroun and Aley for both Syrian and Lebanese women. The aim is to give women basic skills to make a living independently.




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