Documentary about Mission East in Armenia on TV

Right now the Danish TV viewers are able to watch a new documentary about Mission East in Armenia.
The programme shows scenes from Managing Director Kim Hartzner’s visit with some of the families that Mission East has helped. We meet 15-year-old Emma, who suffers from cerebral palsy. The family’s every day life was dominated by Emma’s epileptic fits several times a day until Mission East found her and made sure she received the right medicine.

For a number of years, Mission East has been working for the rights of the disabled in Armenia. In this former Soviet Republic they are looked upon as humans of lesser worth and therefore many families choose to hide their disabled children away at home. These children never go to school, they don’t make any friends, they seldom receive the needed health care, and they never learn to develop.

Mission East’s work has amongst other things resulted in a new national law that gives the disabled children the same right to go to school as every other child.

The documentary "Armenia – a future for the children?" was taped this Spring and shows scenes from Mission East Ambassador Mikael Jarnvig’s visit to the country.

The programme was first shown on the 22nd of July and is shown again on the 27th and on the 29th of July.

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July 2007