Armenian ministers: "Thank you, Mission East"

At a reception in Armenia, officially welcoming Managing Director Kim Hartzner to the country, three Armenian ministers expressed their gratitude towards Mission East.

The Armenian Ministers of Education and Science, Health, and Labour and Social Affairs attended a reception on November 16th where they thanked Mission East for the organisation’s help with education for children with learning difficulties.
The reception was hosted by Mission East, welcoming Managing Director Kim Hartzner who will spend a year in Armenia leading the Mission East Team.

"Thanks to Mission East and its local partner organisation, Bridge of Hope, we have systematically and consistently been able to provide equal opportunities for children with learning difficulties, both to raise the level of their education and facilitate access to the education system," stated Bagrat Esayan, Deputy Minister of Education and Science.
He thanked Mission East for playing a leading role in the adoption of the Special Education Law and the national special education curriculum.

Mission East has worked to help socially vulnerable children in Armenia since 1994. In 1998, Mission East began to focus on children’s institutions, with the purpose of improving education for children with learning difficulties. Other activities also focus on improved access to healthcare for disabled children

The 120 people attending the reception included senior representatives from diplomatic, business, donor and NGO communities.

November 2006