Collection goes directly to Ukrainians in need through active local partner

Mission East is collaborating with a church organization in Hungary, which is already distributing food to Ukrainian refugees.

Mission East is now providing emergency assistance to displaced people inside Ukraine and to refugees in the border area with Hungary. Both the displaced and the refugees receive food and health care.

This is done through the local aid organization Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid), which has set up reception centers in both Ukraine and Hungary. In both countries, displaced people and refugees can come and receive food and health care.

Mission East is collecting for the victims of the war in Ukraine, and thousands of DKK are flowing into the organization's crisis emergency fund. The funds are transferred to HBAid, where they quickly are used for the benefit of hungry and tired Ukrainian families.

- We are really happy to be able to work with a local partner organization that is already in full swing to help those in need. We can do this because so many donors have already sent money to our crisis emergency fund. I am grateful that Mission East can once again be a channel for vital emergency assistance to people in acute crisis, says Mission East's Managing Director Betina Gollander-Jensen.

According to the UN, 1 million Ukrainians have now fled their country. 12 million who remain in the country need emergency relief and protection right now. And 4 million will need help in neighboring countries in the coming months.

Through Mission East's partner organization HBAid, the Ukrainian refugees will also be offered shelter, health checks and psychological first aid, so-called psychosocial support.

Mission East also collaborates with Medair, an international organization specializing in providing shelter, hygiene items, water and sanitation. Mission East has previously collaborated with the organization in Nepal, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.