Signing Of A Contract At The German Embassy In Copenhagen

Two weeks ago, Mission East and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs entered a second contract for assistance to the population in remote regions of north-eastern Afghanistan.

The contract was signed following a trip to Afghanistan in April 2011, where two representatives of the German Government had the opportunity to closely inspect the work of Mission East in remote villages in the area, and thus review the results of our first major project financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Read the whole story and see the pictures from the visit in Afghanistan here.
On June 8th, Secretary General, Kim Hartzner, signed Mission East's second big contract with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the German Embassy in Copenhagen.
The Embassy has put the story (in German) and pictures from the signing of the contract on their website.
See it here.
This is a translation of the German text on the Embassy website:

Additional contract for the financing of the project ”Providing Clean Water and Better Hygiene and Sanitation Practices to Remote Communities of Badakhshan”

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs is providing additional financial support in north-eastern Afghanistan, this time benefiting circa 750 households for a contract amount of almost EUR 630,000. Central water pipes will be established in 12 villages, providing access to clean water for the population, and latrines will be constructed. Besides, water reservoirs will be established in five schools in the area, enabling the supply of clean water to almost 4,000 school children.
In the province of Badakhshan only a quarter of all households have access to clean water. Furthermore, there are no means for the disposal of excrements, which results in the spread of infectious disease and the pollution of water streams in the area. The project supports the provision of clean drinking water and the construction of latrines to vulnerable households as well as public buildings such as schools and mosques. Further, the local population are trained in basic methods of good hygiene.
Through the involvement of the local population in the implementation of the latest project financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (see our archive from 2010), the provision of clean drinking water to the population in the area is given at the cost of only EUR 50 per person.
On June 8th, 2011, the contract for the year 2011 was signed at the German Embassy by Ambassador Dr. Jessen and Managing Director of Mission East, Kim Hartzner.
Mission East has been active in north-eastern Afghanistan since 2001. The projects of the organisation are in the sectors of infrastructure, agriculture and the provision of health care in remote regions.
Further information on the projects of Mission East can be found on
(The picture on the website of The German Embassy: From left to right Katharina Schütte, Dr. Jessen and Kim Hartzner)