A little girl i Afghanistan

Mission East distributes emergency aid in northeastern Afghanistan

Mission East has distributed blankets, soap and kitchen utensils to 412 displaced people in Takhar and Badakhshan provinces. 206 of the aid packages were distributed to mudslide victims in the Warduj district.

Since the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan in August, distress has escalated in the conflict-torn country. In addition to lack of money and supplies, the country has been hit by widespread drought, massive unemployment and a galloping Covid-19 pandemic.

Blankets, soap and kitchen utensils

Right now, over 29 million people are without food. They are malnourished and paralyzed by hopelessness. Among other things, many of the families who had fled to the major cities for food, shelter and protection are now being driven back to their place of origin by the Taliban. And here they are, if possible, even weaker.

Therefore, they remain in camps around the big cities. Here, Mission East has just distributed aid packages in collaboration with the UN and in addition to other organizations, so that 206 of the most needy families around Taloqan and Faizabad can survive. The packages contain blankets, solar-powered lamp, soap and kitchen utensils including a. pressure cooker, metal bowls, cutlery and a water container for 10 liters.

Victims of mudslides

In addition, Mission East has distributed 206 relief packages to mudslide victims in the Warduj district. Massive rain caused the land to give way and slip, so the many families lost both their home and belongings. It was also in Warduj, Mission East this summer that helped 110 families in urgent need of food.

Warduj is also seeking help to re-establish an irrigation canal to irrigate fields and thus channel the large amounts of water for the benefit - and not destruction - of the population.

Since the takeover of the Taliban, Mission East has helped 412 families cope in difficult times. The help that Mission East has provided has been distributed after thorough research to ensure that it is people with the greatest needs who receive the help.

The winter cold is threatening

And the needs are huge. People have lost their livelihoods, the authorities are unable to provide support and the money supply to aid organizations is sluggish and unstable.

Now a cold winner lies ahead. Takhar and Badakhshan provinces are particularly vulnerable because winter here comes earlier and with lower temperatures.

So the blankets from Mission East will do great good. Through cooperation with the UN and other organizations, Mission East hopes to reach many more, as our funding enables.